Property Renovations in Guildford, Godalming, Woking
and the Neighbouring Surrey Areas

Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes undertakes property renovations and refurbishments in the Surrey area. The methods used by builders during renovations often overlap with those involved in refurbishments. As such, it remains vital that you understand how these two services differ. This knowledge can save you time and money when it comes to scheduling a building company for site surveys and quotations. For example, a private homeowner might want a construction company to physically alter their property’s structure. Conversely, a landlord may want to breathe new life into a dated, stale property to increase its appeal with prospective tenants. These needs require two very different services.

Operating out of Guildford, Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes has direct access to all our primary service locations in Surrey and the neighbouring areas. In addition to our hometown, these include Godalming, Woking and the surrounding towns and villages.

In our role as a customer-focused building company, we do whatever it takes to achieve complete client satisfaction, be it property renovations and refurbishments or any of our other construction services.

The interchangeable nature of the terms ‘property renovations’ and ‘property refurbishments’ means our builders must know exactly what kind of work you want us to carry out, your design aspirations and the approach you expect us to take.

If you are seeking a reliable, trusted construction company to perform renovations or refurbishments at your property in Guildford, Godalming, Woking or any other Surrey location, please call us on 01932 366576. We have equal proficiency in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

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The Differences Between Renovations and Refurbishments

The approach our building company takes to modifications at your property depends entirely on whether your work falls under the classification of renovations or refurbishments. While it may not seem obvious at first glance, our selected approach makes a noticeable difference to the appearance of our completed work.

A renovation, sometimes referred to by builders and tradespeople as remodelling, involves extensive modernisation, the replacement of damaged features, the conversion of existing living spaces or, for large projects, the full design and build of a room addition or extension.

Property renovations usually involve a construction company creating a new build within an existing structure. In most cases, they start from a position of greater dilapidation or damage and, as a result, have a far stronger emphasis on complying with Building Regulations.

In short, property renovations improve damaged homes or those in need of modernisation.

Refurbishments primarily differ in scale. In most cases, builders focus on the restoration of an individual feature or a specified area. This includes painting, plastering, the overall decoration of a room and restoring a good condition through general maintenance work.

Choosing the Right Service

Like any reputable building company, Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes encourages you to think long and hard about which particular service you need. Naturally, our builders remain on hand to assist and advise should you need us.

Do you only want to restore the condition of a single room, or give your home or workplace a basic makeover? That’s a property refurbishment.

Do you need more extensive rectification work and repairs?  Does your job require structural or construction work? Then you require property renovations.

Refurbishing a property in Guildford, Godalming, Woking or any other Surrey location provides an affordable, short-term solution, perfect for both living in the property yourself or letting it out. Renovations, on the other hand, make a popular choice for property owners with a long-term view. The results produced by our builders and tradespeople can maximise investments over many years.

Our property renovations and refurbishments in Guildford and across Surrey create stylish, practical and comfortable spaces. Call 01932 366576 for more details.