Property Extensions in Woking
5 Projects to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

As a time-served building company, , Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes understands Woking homeowners improve or develop their property for many different reasons. Generally speaking, however, most projects undertaken by our builders fall into two categories: homeowners happy where they are and simply looking to improve their quality of life, or those who want to increase the resale value of their home with an eye on moving in the not-too-distant future.

As specialists in property extensions, property renovations and an extensive range of other building work, our construction company can help anyone looking ahead to a more lucrative house sale.

Below, we have listed 4 projects that deliver an impressive increase to the resale value of any home, be it in Woking or other Surrey locations. If you’re seeking a proven building company to manage your own home improvement project, call Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes on 01932 366576.


4 Projects That Increase Resale Value

1. Property Extensions

Due to their consistent ability to add value to homes in the Woking area, property extensions remain one of the most popular services we provide as a construction company. It’s difficult to assign a definitive figure to the amount extensions can add, as the number fluctuates depending on the size, quality and type of the extension at hand as well as the location of the property itself.

The most lucrative property extensions include double bedrooms with en suite facilities, a kitchen extension and an additional bathroom. Of equal importance, your chosen builders must complete work to impeccable standards.

2. Property Renovations

Renovation projects come in various forms. On a basic level, they help to repair damaged areas or modernise dated, even dilapidated, homes. On a much larger scale, they rectify structural issues and completely transform interior spaces. Whichever form they take, when left in the hands of a competent building company, property renovations create much more appealing homes.

As an example of the power of property renovations, installing a wood-burning stove to replace an old fireplace can bring about an estimated increase of 5%.

3. Garden Landscaping

Despite specialising as a construction company, Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes also provides superior quality soft and hard landscaping services. As any estate agent will confirm, gardens sell homes. Nobody wants to inherit an overgrown mess, so investing in outdoor spaces makes your Woking home even more desirable.

On a basic level, this includes keeping hedges trimmed and lawns mowed. For more lucrative results, our builders can install patios, paving and driveways. Hard landscaping features can increase resale value by as much as 7.5%.

4. Interior Refurbishments

Ideally, prospective buyers like to see homes in a clean and tidy condition but with the potential to mould it into their own vision. Simple property refurbishments and general maintenance work performed by an experienced building company breathes new life into any home. In fact, hiring builders for such work remains one of the most cost-effective ways to add value.

If you’re considering the builders at our construction company for maintenance or refurbishment work at your Woking property, we advise from the outset that neutral palettes have the broadest appeal with buyers.

To discuss anything from property renovations to property extensions in Woking, call Surrey & Elmbridge Prestige Homes on 01932 366576.